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Healthy Sweetener ,trehalose
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Product: Views:452Healthy Sweetener ,trehalose 
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Trehalose is a kind of healthy sweetener.  
 ◆Trehalose is a kind of safe, reliable natural carbohydrate which widely exists in many edible plants and animals and microorganisms of the nature , there are usually too much content trehalose in many plants and aminals body , such as mushrooms, seaweed, beans , shrimp, bread, beer and yeast food. 

 ◆Trehalose has magic protective with organisms, under high temperature, heavy cool, high osmotic pressure and drying etc. other harsh environmental conditions, trehalose can form a unique protective film on the cell surface,and  effectively protect the protein molecular invariance not to inactivate,and keep life process and biological characteristics, so, trehalose is also known as "the life of sugar"
 2. Trehalose sweetener description :   
 Mild sweetness:Trehalose is only 45% as sweet as sucrose. It has a clean taste profile
 Process stability:Trehalose is a non-reducing sugar and will not take part in Mallard reactions with amino acids or proteins during the manufacturing processing and storage even at elevated temperatures.Thus, trehalose can be favorably used in food and beverage where heat treatment is required or storage at high temperature.
 ◆ Perfect heat and acid tolerance: Trehalose is very stable to heat and acid during processing and storage, and would not become colored and broken down even heated for 30min at 100℃, pH3.0. 

 ◆ Low solubility and excellent crystalline:Water-solubility of trehalose is as high as maltose while the crystallinity is excellent, so it is easy to produce the low hygroscopical candy, coating, soft confectionery etc.
 ◆ Low hygroscopicity:Some foods themselves are not hygroscopic, but their hygroscopicity can rapidly increase once sugars such as sucrose and maltose is added, and then foods’ original flavor and shelf life changed. Trehalose has a very low hygriscopicity and remains stable up to 95% relative humidity. Thus, trehalose can be used as sweetening in food process. 

 ◆ High Glass Transition Temperature:The glass transition temperature of trehalose is 120℃, which makes trehalose ideal as a protein protectant and ideally suited as a carrier for spray-dried flavors.
 3. Specifications :          




C12H22O11.2H2O (dihydrate)


White crystal with a sweet taste, virtually odorless


Not less than 98%

Loss on drying

Less than 2.0% (60℃, 5h)

Total ash

Less than 0.06%


Less than 1mg/kilo


Less than 1mg/kilo


Less than 30 MPN/100g


5.0 - 6.7

Total aerobic counts

Less than 400 CFU per gram




5kg,10kg,  20kg

Payment: T/T or L/C at sight.

Store: in cool and dry places.Keep away from strong light.

Guarantee period: 30 months